Unleash Your Manufacturing Potential

Unleash Your Manufacturing Potential

Supporting The UK & Ireland With World Leading Manufacturing Technologies

The Worlds First Automatic Compact Tool Sharpener 

CNC tool grinder for the re-manufacture of precision cutting tools.

Agile and intuitive operation meaning tool-users can re-sharpen in-house to save time and cost.

Since 1983 Nordutensili Italy has designed and manufactured precision cutting tool equipment for the aerospace, automotive, medical, production-technology and general engineering industries. 

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Continuous Fiber 3D Printers For Extreme Strength Additive Manufacturing

Desktop and industrial additive manufacturing technology for the aerospace, motorsport, R&D, prototyping and education sectors.

Manufactured in Luxembourg, Anisoprint have developed and productized a range machines that present the user with unique functionality and genuine business value like no other 3D Printer.

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